ESG reporting process

We’re open to feedback from our stakeholders

We created the ESG report in cooperation with social and business groups, that are important for us. The publication’s structure was prepared according to the GRI 2021 standard, after consultations with our stakeholders during the process of determining the material topics.

ESG report 2023

We encourage you to take a look at the publication, that sums up our ESG initiatives in 2023. In our report you’ll find general information about VD business activity, the company’s impact on the environment and the successful realization of our ESG objectives.

You can download the publication down below.

Goals to achieve

It's time to make a world a better place!

In 2015 The United Nation organization published The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The document contains 17 goals that will help in improving the quality of life, combating climate change and supporting economic growth globaly.

We support the achievement
of the ESG global goals!

A large scale of operations also means large responsibilities. Taking into account business criteria as well as stakeholders’ needs and shrinking natural resources, we are now focusing on:

Systematically increasing the share of projects (sale, rent) in our portfolio with EP* demand lower at least by 10%  than expected by law regulations*.;

Introducing a minimum of five low-emission solutions as a standard in our estates.;

Developing infrastructure that encourages physical activity and promotes micro and
electromobility in our housing estates.;

*EP – annual demand of the building for non-renewable primary energy. 


How do we manage the ESG topic?

The company supports sustainability activities by involving the VD team. The company has appointed the Board's Plenipotentiary for ESG to coordinate activities, contact the stakeholders and report progress to the top management and the shareholder.

Team commitment

The organization supports sustainability efforts, involving the entire team. Employees and Associates participate in creating new ideas, sharing information, creating and implementing ESG initiatives.

We actively build relationships
with stakeholders

Business partners

We are a company that fulfils all its obligations in a timely manner, which is appreciated by our business partners. We have established long-term relations with e.g. architectural studios (e.g. Majewski Architektura, WXCA) or General Contractors (Erbud, Mostostal Warszawa).


We want the non-governmental organizations that cooperate with us to be able to count on us at all times. We provide them with financial and material support, and soon also in the form of voluntary work. We involve our employees in deciding which NGOs we support.

Municipial institutions

We complete all formalities related to the implementation of projects in a reliable and timely manner. For many years we have been participating in the costs of various municipal investments (e.g. construction of roads, roundabouts, bicycle paths or recreational areas), thus contributing to the development of Wrocław and other cities.

State institutions

We conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws, which is also supported by the Compliance Policy adopted in March 2021. In case of doubt, we quickly provide the relevant authorities with information and data, and cooperate with them during inspections.

Local communities

Good neighbourhood is very important to us, which is why we build a dialogue with the leaders of local communities that operate in the vicinity of our projects. We support them financially, materially and in terms of promotion. We consult ESG issues with them.


We take the initiative of communicating with journalists, but we also respond to their inquiries regarding our activities. We are not afraid of controversial topics and we are happy to comment on the current situation on the property development market for them.

Customers (sales)

Thanks to our internal standards and close cooperation with General Contractors, we provide our customers with quality apartments. We stay in touch with them by offering telephone consultations, personal meetings, EBOK, a mobile app and video calls.

VD team

We offer stable employment conditions and support the development of new competencies of our team. The company shares profits with employees as part of annual bonuses for VD’s operating result. We regularly conduct opinion surveys among employees and engage them in ESG activities.

Customers (tenants)

We offer them apartments in a stable, long-term rental. We make sure that the unit’s quality to rent ratio is attractive, and the payment settlement method is 100% transparent. We are open to their suggestions. We measure their level of satisfaction through quantitative and qualitative surveys.


The construction sector is responsible for 28% of global CO2 emissions. We are aware of our negative impact on the environment - we monitor it, analyse it and proactively seek solutions to reduce it.
Standard of apartments for rent
We equip Vantage Rent apartments with high quality furniture, so that they can serve tenants for many years. We use water-purifying filters and install containers for waste segregation. In kitchens and bathrooms we install energy-efficient household appliances.
We use high quality window joinery and insulation materials to minimise heat loss. In addition, we invest in renewable energy by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings. We make pedestrian footpaths with anti-smog paving blocks.
During construction, we follow the principles of sparing felling, and we take special care of exceptionally valuable specimens (e.g. the row of oak trees in the Popowice Port). We carry out replacement plantings and replant trees whenever possible. We build rainwater retention systems which we use to water the plants. In selected projects we build green roofs.
We create complex infrastructure for bikes in buildings and housing estates. We are a sponsor of Wroclaw City Bike (WRM) stations and one of investors in the construction of a tram line to Popowice. We are gradually supplementing our company fleet with hybrid cars (in 2021 - 5, in 2022 - 12 vehicles).
We use new technologies to minimise paper documentation. We offer tenants a system of electronic financial screening and quick payments. We hand over the apartments using a form in a tablet, and the current service is based on EBOK.


Almost from the beginning of the company's existence, we have been involved in charity initiatives. We are currently intensifying topics related to diversity and integration of our team through joint volunteer activities.

Women in VD

Women constitute 62% of our team and occupy 56% of managerial positions, and in the group of the management board and directors approximately 30%.

We ensure that all our employees have equal access to benefits, training and promotion.

Charitable activities

We regularly cooperate with e.g: the Wroclaw Hospice Foundation for Children [Fundacja Wrocławskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci] or the "To the Rescue of Children with Cancer" Foundation [Na ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową].

In 2020 and 2021, we supported Wroclaw hospitals in the fight against the pandemic - through financial and material donations.

Employee volunteering

In January 2022, we launched the „DOBROczynni” volunteering programme.

Employees are encouraged to initiate and implement their own charitable projects, which will be 100% funded by the company.

Openness to diversity

22% of Vantage Rent customers are foreigners. With them in mind, we translated the website and all the documents (agreements, regulations, marketing materials) into English, Ukrainian and soon also Russian.

Regardless of the background, age or family status - all tenants are welcome with us.

Local communities

We care about building positive relationships with local communities and engage diverse resources to achieve common goals.

We cooperate, among others, with the Heart of Szczepin Association [Serce Szczepina], Moje Popo Association and the Active Senior Foundation from Popowice [Fundacja Aktywnego Seniora].


At Vantage Development we care about ethical standards. We conduct our business in a responsible manner, in compliance with the law, but also with our internal rules.

Compliance for every day operations

Risk management and monitoring

Our legal team in constantly monitoring law changes and adapting our current operations to the new regulations. We analyze risks linked to our business activity and we take a proactive approach to minimaize it efficiently.

In March 2021, we adopted a set of Compliance Policies and, in cooperation with an external provider, we launched a whistleblowing system. Those who witness situations that conflict with our values or applicable laws are encouraged to submit anonymous notifications.


If you are interested in our acitivity in the sustainable development topic (ESG) or you're one of our stakeholders and you want to share your opinion - feel free to contact us!

Weronika Jankowska

PR Communication Specialist

(+48) 519 777 797

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