ROBYG and Vantage Development build synergy within one ownership group of TAG Immobilien 

Since March 2022, the ROBYG Capital Group and the Vantage Development Capital Group have been united by a common owner: the German company TAG Immobilien. In the last few months, a decision was made to operationally integrate both companies and to divide tasks between ROBYG and Vantage Development.

The task of the joint Management Board of both companies (since October 21, 2022) is to continue activities in the area of ​​​​sales and rental of apartments in Poland. The key change is that from November 2, the process of selling premises in projects implemented by Vantage Development will be taken over by ROBYG.

Existing customers can be calm: the investments will be completed and the apartments will be handed over in accordance with the provisions of the development agreements.

New customers interested in purchasing apartments from the current Vantage Development offer for sale (Cieszyńska 97 projects, Port Popowice in Wrocław) will be served by a group of ROBYG advisors from the beginning of November.

Both companies with a long tradition and professional teams are a guarantee of the highest quality of service and your high satisfaction after receiving the keys to selected apartments. Regardless of whether you decide to buy or rent premises under the Vantage Rent brand .

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Vantage Development i ROBYG budują synergię w ramach jednej grupy właścicielskiej TAG Immobilien. Nasze inwestycje oraz aktualną ofertę znajdziesz na stronie internetowej ROBYG. Zapraszamy!